• In order to ship the requested fly lines to you, we need your Fedex or DHL account number. This information will be requested when you set-up your account.
  • If your institution does not allow you to give us a FedEx account number you can send us a FedEx label.

    You can use the following information for such a FedEx label: (1) The sender is identical with our contact address; (2) the packaging is “FedEx Pak” for up to 30 ordered vials and “Other” if you ordered more than 30 vials.

  • FlyORF does not take any responsibility for the condition of the flies due to problems occurring during the shipping process.


Important Note regarding Permits

  • USA: New import practices were implemented by the USDA on September 30th, 2013. It is now possible to send packages with D. melanogaster directly to the recipient and not via the USDA inspection station. After dispatch from FlyORF, shipping directly to the recipient should take only 2-3 working days (compared to 7-10 days via USDA). To receive your imported packages directly, you will need both a Courtesy Permit and a "Letter of No Jurisdiction".


    Obtaining a Courtesy Permit and a "Letter of No Jurisdiction": If you already have a permit, which is still valid: request a “Letter of No Jurisdiction” from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to go with the existing permit. The request must come from the person who was issued with the permit and the permit number must be provided. The "Letter of No Jurisdiction" will be e-mailed to you within 1-2 business days. If you do not already have a permit: apply for a Courtesy Permit at the USDA, which will be issued together with a "Letter of No Jurisdiction".

    Send the following to FlyORF, preferably via e-mail:

    1)  "Letter of No Jurisdiction" AND

    2)   the matching Courtesy Permit.

    We can then ship your package directly - without a USDA shipping label.


    Shipping via the USDA inspection station with the blue(red)/white USDA shipping labels is currently still valid, but will add unnecessary delay. We therefore recommend that you obtain a Courtesy Permit and a "Letter of No Jurisdiction."

    - Courtesy Permit (example from Bloomington website)

    - "Letter of No Jurisdiction" (example from Bloomington website)

    -  For further information please see: http://flystocks.bio.indiana.edu/Regulatory/import.htm


  • Australia: Please send an import permit from AQUIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service).


  • China: Please send us (1) a permit of the "Bureau of animal and plant health inspection and quarantine" and (2) a valid CR Number “Customs Registration Number”.


  • Some other countries may also require permissions to import transgenic Drosophila. Please check your local importing terms. Please make sure that your import permit is still valid. We will not be able to send your fly lines again if your package cannot be delivered due to an expired import permit.