The Zurich ORFeome Project is dedicated to the generation and distribution of well-characterized transgenic Drosophila melanogaster UAS-ORF lines. Currently, we offer approximately 4000 fly stocks that were generated using the ΦC31 integrase method. These lines comprise about 3120 genes and can be found in our collection as ORF or as 3xHA tagged ORF variants.


This project was initiated by the laboratories of Konrad Basler (Zurich) and Jussi Taipale (Helsinki & Stockholm), with instrumental contribution by Mikael Björklund (Haining). More recently, Bart Deplancke (Lausanne) and Korneel Hens (Oxford) contributed significantly to the generation of a transcription factor library. The long-term aim of this project is to create a comprehensive in vivo UAS-ORF library.


The effort to create such a systematic ORF library is mainly motivated by the experience that the vast majority of genes do not reveal a readily detectable phenotype in traditional loss-of-function or knock-down screens. We propose that the controlled and efficient overexpression of genes will be an alternative and powerful approach to uncover and test the function of these genes.




We also offer a Drosophila injection service.


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