The FlyORF Team would like to gratefully thank the following people for their contributions to the facility and to this website.

  • Lieven Van Poucke and Hannes De Schrijver, as well as Frederik Decouttere and other members of Genohm for this fruitful collaboration. They established the required IT infrastructure to smoothly manage the fly lines and the ordering requests via the website.
  • Werner Wolz for continuous help with all the in-house IT support.
  • Reinhard Klug, Thomas Micheler, and Lisa Meadows from the VDRC for generously providing information about their facility and continuously sharing their experience. Barry Dickson for offering the support of the VDRC in the first place.
  • Ludovic Baillon, Peter Gallant, and Gerlinde Reim for valuable advice.
  • Maya Barels for help with the shipment procedures and documents.
  • Robert Maeda for proofreading the text of this website.