Library Stocks

  • Q: There are some stocks that are marked as ’temporarily unavailable’ in your library. When will they be available again?
  • A: Usually it takes a few weeks until we can release them back and are ready to be ordered.



  • Q: Lines died during the shipment. Can you resend them?
  • A: If you notify us within two weeks we will resend the lines but you will have to pay the shipping costs. 

  • Q: Do I need an import permit to get lines?
  • A: Some countries (e.g. USA, Australia, China, Taiwan) require a valid permit for importing transgenic Drosophila. In the USA, you need (1) a Courtesy Permit and (2) a "Letter of No Jurisdiction" (for more details see Shipping Information). If you are located in Australia, please apply at the AQUIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) for an import license and send a copy of the confirmed permission to us. 

For importing lines into China, we need a permission for which you can apply for at the ’Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine’ and a valid CR Number ’Customs Registration Number’. Some other countries may also require permissions for importing transgenic Drosophila. Please check your local importing terms. Please double-check the validation of the import permission. FlyORF will not replace lines, which have been refused at the customs because of missing or expired importing documents.


  • Q: Can the shipping address be different from the address on the import permit labels?
  • A: It is not recommended that you borrow and send a shipping label from a colleague, because this might cause confusion at the customs (or import regulation agency) and result in a massive delivery delay. In this case FlyORF will not replace lines, which did not survive the shipment. 


  • Q: Is it possible to combine several orders in one shipment?
  • A: Yes, but only if they have been placed within of three weeks and if they don’t exceed more than 100 lines in total.



  • Q: Is there a way to order the lines and save the content of the shopping cart?
  • A: Yes, our shopping cart management will save the content.


  • Q: Can we order DNA constructs?
  • A: Not yet.


  • Q: Is it possible to send the signed MTA as a PDF-file to FlyORF by e-mail?
  • A: Yes, we accept signed MTAs sent by e-mail. 


  • Q: What is a VAT Number in the registration form?
  • A: The Value Added Tax, or VAT, in the European Union is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. Every European Institution needs a VAT number for tax purposes. 


  • Q: I did not receive all ordered lines and my credit card/PayPal account was already charged. Will I get a refund?
  • A: Yes, you will get full refund for all the lines we could not deliver. You will get notified about it.